Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many teams can a School enter?

a. In 2016 the number of teams a School may enter was updated to become unlimited. However, depending on the date of the entry, it may be declined if there is no room left.

b. It would be wise to enter your teams early, you have the ability to do this and then name them at a later date.

c. Refunds for teams who enter and then withdraw will be at the discretion of the Race Organising Committee.

2. Can I combine with another school to form a Full Team?

a. No – we encourage all participants and school can enter with a Team of 1 athlete. They will be ranked as the Number 1 skier for the team. We no longer ballot athlete to other teams

3. Can I enter a team with less than 5 Snowboard or 5 Skiers?

a. Yes – we encourage athletes to represent their home schools. However, without a full complement in their team they are less likely to do well in the team event. We encourage as many athletes as possible to participate.

4. Can I enter my athlete in a different week?

a. No – we have separated the event weeks by School Year. This is to enable growth in the event and enable the Race Organising Committee to provide the safest and most competitive event we can amongst the athlete peers.

5. Do I have to supply a Manager and Course Assistant?

a. Yes – if you have a full team of athletes we require two adults with the Team. The Manager is responsible to caring for the athletes during the day and attending the Managers Meeting. The Course Assistant is required to help with the race day organisation. Note all course assistants will be used on the first day of competition, we encourage Schools with Course Assistants to contact us on the second morning to fill in the gaps (as the often appear on day 2)

6. Do I have to attend the Managers Meeting?

a. Yes – this is an important meeting to convey to all School Team Mountain Safety and ace Protocol information.

b. Even if you have attended in the past – each year we strive to give you more important and relevant up to date information. Some of this information is only gained the day before racing.

7. Does the Course Assistant need to attend the morning meeting at the knoll Café?

a. Yes – this is applicable to THE RACE DAY, and it is important that all course assistants check in to their relevant posts to ensure the timely start of the events

8. Why are the entry prices different this year?

a. To encourage more athletes to participate we have allowed schools to enter teams prior to selection. A School can enter and pay earlier without knowing the actual athletes.

9. Can I enter an individual racer?

a. Yes - Individual skiers are entered on the Team Entry form - a team fee of $80 and a competitor fee of $80. Please see the rules 11.0 for the full breakdown eragrding price and timing.

b. Yes - Individual snowboarders are entered as above.